Basic rules for advertisers working with CPA.HOUSE affiliate network

1. Algorithm for connecting to our network

1.1. Discussing conditions (price, commissions, other details).

1.2. Creating an advertiser account and making a deposit. Initial deposit 100 000 rub

1.3. Setting up the transfer of orders from our landing pages to your system.

1.4. Checking the transfer of orders and their statuses (confirmed, canceled, converted, not converted) between our systems.

1.5. Product launch.

2. Our requirements for advertisers

2.1. You can pay 70 confirmed orders per day. (If the commission for the product is 500 rubles, then you should be able to pay 500 rubles * 70 = 35 000 rubles per day. Please note this.) Advertisers who cannot accept more than 70 confirmed orders per day are not accepted in the CPA network.

2.2. You have enough product to work without interruption for a month. (Approximate number of orders 70 per day.)

2.3. You have your own call center, which employs 5 people per shift and you guarantee that the first call will be received after placing an order within 15 minutes. Calling time - from 12 hours a day.

2.4. You will replenish your balance in a timely manner. Regardless of the number of orders, the minimum amount on the advertiser's balance should be 20,000 rubles at any time. Also, the number of commissions for orders in processing cannot exceed the balance by more than 2 times.

For example, if 100 orders with a commission of 500 rubles are being processed, we have 50,000 rubles. This means that the minimum balance must be 25,000 rubles. We do not accept any delays in replenishment, please think about your balance in advance.

If the balance goes below the recommended level 3 times, we disconnect the advertiser.

In case of termination of cooperation, we will return the funds remaining on the balance.

We have strict requirements for advertisers, but the same goes for webmasters, you don't have to worry about the quality of traffic.

2.5. To launch an offer, an advertiser must have 4 landing pages. If you don't have landing pages, our promo department can make them for you. The cost is 12,000 rubles for 4 landing pages.

2.6. The stop of the offer at the request of the advertiser is made within 3 working days. The advertiser undertakes to pay off the debt to the Cpa.House affiliate program, including orders from the hold.

2.7. The advertiser must guarantee approval for: regular offers at least 45%, for replicas 20%, low-price offers from 10%. Otherwise, the network has the right to demand compensation from the advertiser for a bad approval.

Useful information for cooperation

We set up the landing pages ourselves. We can transfer orders to any CRM system or to mail. Connection is free, but if the offer lasts less than 2 weeks, and then you decide to disconnect it, the connection price will be 3,000 rubles.

Payment is accepted via WebMoney, Bitcoin, Capitalist and Telegraphic Transfer (SWIFT).

We have been on the CPA network market for over 2 years. We have over 10,000 webmasters and 50 advertisers.

If you want to stop the offer, you must notify us about it at least 3 days in advance. The money remaining on the balance after the disconnection is returned within 5 days.

Rules for processing orders by your CC

Timely calls to clients are very important to us.

If the client does not answer the phone, CC calls him 5 times a day for 3 days. Then you can set a cancellation.

The first call must be received within 15 minutes after placing the order. CC should work 7 days a week, with no weekends, at least 12 hours a day.

Please be ready to provide such a CC service, if it gets worse, the webmasters' compensation will be paid at your expense.

The prompt setting of statuses for orders is also very important. Some advertisers consider it possible to post statuses once a day, this is wrong. You must update the statuses at least once every 2 hours.

It is very important to set the statuses of bought and unpaid orders to detect fraud and webmasters with low-quality traffic.

Remember, if you appreciate the webmasters and their efforts (quickly set statuses, provide efficient call service), then they will be happy to generate a larger number of sales for you.

The administration reserves the right to change these rules at any time, without prior notification.