Help (FAQ)

What is CPA.HOUSE?
CPA.HOUSE is an affiliate network that works on Cost per Action model (CPA).
What will I be paid for?
Payment is issued for a confirmed order. You bring a client to the site with a product, if they perform an action, they automatically go to the call center system. Then the operator contacts the client, if the client confirms their order, then your commission is instantly credited to the balance of your personal account.
How much will I earn for a successful conversion?
The amount of the reward is set by the advertiser. You can find all the information on the offer page.
Is there a hold in CPA.HOUSE?
Yes. 7 days Hold period starting from the date of ordering the payment. For verified partners the Hold period can be disabled.
How often are payments made?
You can make a request for the payment of the earned funds on any day of the week. The money will be credited to your account in 7 days. For verified partners, early payments are possible.
Is there a minimum payment amount?
Yes. The minimum payment amount is 3000 rubles, 50 dollars or 50 euros.
Can the payments be combined?
We do not combine payments from several balances into one.
Where are the payments transferred to?
Payments can be transferred to WebMoney, Yandex Money, Qiwi, Capitalist and bank cards.
Didn't receive the planned payment?
There are 3 reasons why the transfer of funds may not be completed:
- Delay in payment due to technical reasons.
- Your traffic is being checked. Information on buyback from the advertiser is expected.
- Account payments were suspended due to suspicions of cheating.
Transfer of tags (macros) to the system.
Tags(macros) help to track important parameters such as: traffic sources, teaser or advertising post, advertising platform, etc. At the moment there are 4 tags in the system: sub_id_1, sub_id_2, sub_id_3, sub_id_4
What is Traffback URL and how does it work?
System function to redirect traffic that is not GEO compliant. By default, the system sends traffic to
You can change it while editing your flow. To do so enter your Traffback URL in the ADVANCED section.
What types of traffic do you NOT accept?
We do NOT accept the following traffic:
- Traffic that violate the laws of the Russian Federation or another country.
- Job placement services (active advertising systems, motivated traffic).
- Spam mailing by e-mail, sms and other channels of information dissemination.
- Spam on social networks.
- Traffic from message boards in case you need to fill out the order forms yourself.
- Cashback - it is forbidden to promise the client a discount at the expense of the webmaster's reward.
There are rejected leads in the statistics, what does it mean?
There can be several reasons for rejection, here are the most common ones:
- The data is incorrect.
- The client does not answer, the call limit has been reached.
- Inappropriate geography.
- Double request.
- The client has canceled the order.
How often are statistics updated?
Statistics are always updated in real time.
The order is pending for a long time. What does it mean?
If the order is being processed, it means that it is being called, but the client does not answer, hangs up, or asks to call back later. If the client does not get in touch within 10 days, then their order is rejected and it automatically goes to trash!
What GEOs do you work with?
It depends on the offer you choose. We work with a large number of GEO both in the CIS(Eastern Europe) and in Europe. You can find all information on available GEO on the offer page.
What is Trash?
Trash includes:
- orders with incorrectly filled data.
- orders with an incorrect geo (with a geo, which is prohibited in the terms of the offer).
- duplicates (orders received from the same client within a certain period of time).
- orders in which a non-working phone is indicated (there is no way to get through to the client).
- orders with the "did not order" cancellation wording.
- orders for landline numbers. (Orders are accepted only for mobile numbers. This is due to the fact that it is not convenient to keep in touch with customers with home numbers, which is why such orders have poor redemption of goods).
- orders in which the client does not get in touch within 10 days.
What is the schedule of the CC?
The working hours of the CC can be viewed on the offer page.
What are hosts and hits in statistics?
Hosts are unique visitors to the site, one person, regardless of how many times they click on your link, will be displayed as one unique visitor.
Hits are the number of all clicks on your link. One person can follow your link 10 or 100 times, and the number of times that followed your link will be considered a hit.
What sites are accepted for work?
We accept all sites, with the exception of sites that violate the current legislation of the Russian Federation or any other country.
What is PostBack? How to set it up?
PostBack is a standard mechanism for transferring transaction data from an affiliate network to a third-party site, script or application.

When fixing a conversion, the system will send a GET or POST request to the url specified in the Postback URL parameter.

You can read more about setting up PostBack in this article: link