Terms and Conditions

These Regulations

Describe the basic rules for working with the cpa.house affiliate network.

Affiliate network members are: Advertisers, Webmasters and cpa.house.

By registering in the System, the Webmaster unconditionally agrees to comply with all of the following Regulations.

The following definitions and terms are used in These Regulations:

Affiliate network - a set of hardware and software that operates on the Internet at the permanent address cpa.house.

Webmaster - a person who provides services for broadcasting advertisements of the Service on their declared sites, as well as a person who attracts users to the advertising sites of the Advertisers of the Service.

Advertiser - a person who provides opportunities for advertising their goods and services through various advertising means and determine the terms of partnership programs. Advertisers provide promotional materials such as image banners, text links, XML product catalogs, and other types of promotional materials.

Administration - the managing company of the cpa.house website.

1. General regulations

1.1. The affiliate network provides an opportunity for webmasters to work with offers of their advertisers with payout for goals achieved by users attracted to advertisers' resources.

1.2. To participate in the program as a Webmaster, you must register.

1.3. These Regulations are the main document governing the activities of Webmasters in the cpa.house partner network. In this regard, you need to carefully read the terms of These Regulations, which are considered by the Site Administration as a public offer.

1.4. If you do not agree with the provisions of These Regulations (partially or in whole), we ask you no further use our Site.

1.5. Your use of the services and functionality of the Site means your full agreement with These Regulations.

2. Registration and deactivation of Webmaster accounts.

Registration as a Webmaster and/or an Advertiser in the Affiliate Network is allowed for consenting individuals who have reached the age of 18, as well as legal entities represented by an authorized representative.

The registration of a Webmaster and/or an Advertiser in the Affiliate Network consists of filling and submitting the registration form.

When filling out the registration form, you must fill in all required fields with correct and up-to-date information.

The Administration of the Affiliate Network may refuse to register the Webmaster without explaining the reasons.

It is prohibited to re-register the same person as a Webmaster without the consent of the administration. In case of identifying two or more accounts created, owned or are a means of work or income for one person, the administration has the right to block all these accounts with the transfer of funds from the balance accounts of the Webmaster to the accounts of the Advertisers.

If there is a need to use more than 1 account, you should contact your personal manager.

The Administration of the Affiliate Network can deactivate the Webmaster's account at any time without giving any reason, while:

- In case of deactivation of a Webmaster's account on the initiative of the Administration, not caused by Webmaster's violation of These Regulations, the funds earned by the Webmaster are fully paid to them.

- In case of deactivation of a Webmaster's account due to Webmaster's violation of These Regulations, the funds in the personal and holding accounts of the Webmaster are fully returned to the Advertisers.

CPA.House account disactivation due to inactivity:

We encourage all the Webmasters to actively use cpa.house after creating an account.

- If no activity is registered for the account within twelve calendar months, the account will be deactivated.

- All the unpaid funds in the Webmaster’s account will be frozen until the Webmaster requests the balance payment.

2.1. It is prohibited in the Affiliate Network:

2.1.1. To use job placement services (active advertising systems, motivated traffic). Except when this type of traffic is permitted.

2.1.2. To ask or promise to reward site users (publicly on the site or privately) for registration on advertisers' sites, as well as misleading about the rewards that users can receive by registering on advertisers' sites.

2.1.3. To personally perform actions on advertisers' sites. If there is a need to check the conversion accounting, the webmaster can leave test applications. Example: Full name: Test. Number: 79999999999.

2.1.4. To place orders for yourself, acquaintances, friends and relatives.

2.1.5. To deceit users in any form.

2.1.6. To initiate automatic actions of visitors on advertisers' sites using scripts, bots and any other means.

2.1.7. Cookie stuffing.

2.1.8. To cheat the system in any way.

2.1.9. To insult the administration.

2.1.10. To transfer orders to several CPA networks at the same time.

2.1.11. To use a registered site with a specific declared type of traffic (Source) to attract a different type of traffic.

2.1.12. To use sources that violate the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Webmasters who violate these points of the Regulations will be blocked, and the funds from their balance will be returned to advertisers.

2.2. All correspondence between the Webmaster and the Affiliate Network is strictly confidential. Any disclosure of this correspondence by the Webmaster is a gross violation of confidentiality and may lead to account disconnection.

2.3. Webmasters who re-registered after blocking will be blocked without warning and payment of funds. To resolve issues of account blocking, please contact the Site Administration.

3. Payments of Webmasters, delayed payments and restrictions on payments:

3.1. Payments are made to the Webmaster's account (set in the profile) On expiry of a 7-day hold from the moment of ordering the payment.

- Early payments are possible only to verified Webmasters.

3.2. The webmaster is solely responsible for the payment information provided and confirms that it is true, complete and accurate. All payments will be made to the payment data specified by the Webmaster. Cpa.house is not obliged to verify the payment information provided by the Webmaster.

3.3. The affiliate network does not allow withdrawing funds from accounts if the amount on the Webmaster's balance is less than 3000 rubles, 50 dollars or 50 euros. Thus, the minimum payment amount is 3,000 rubles, 50 dollars or 50 euros.

- Payments less than the minimum amount are not possible.

3.4. New Webmasters who have not previously received payments, with dubious traffic quality, may be additionally subjected to traffic quality checks before the first payment. Verification takes 7 to 21 days.

3.5. The administration does not pay for accounts on which more than 10% of income was generated as a result of the Webmaster's personal actions on advertisers' sites.

3.6. The affiliate network may delay payments to analyze statistics on buyouts, and also has the right to request data on traffic sources in case of suspicion of fraud (cheating).

3.7. The Webmaster is solely responsible for the payment of all taxes related to his participation and / or the provision of services within the affiliate network.

3.8. The Webmaster undertakes to immediately return to cpa.house any funds that were mistakenly paid to the Webmaster by the affiliate network.

If fraud is detected, the account will be blocked without the possibility of recovery, and all funds will be fully returned to advertisers' accounts.

4. The following sources of traffic are not accepted for participation in the Affiliate Network:

4.1 Websites and services containing materials:

4.1.1 Potentially or objectively dangerous for visitors, including viruses of any kind.

4.1.2 Propagandizing violence in any form.

4.1.3 Propagandizing discrimination based on age, racial, sex, religious, ethnic, sexual intolerance.

4.1.4 Violating the intellectual property rights of third parties and organizations.

4.2 Traffic sources must fully comply with the additional requirements of the Programs for which they are used.

4.3 It is prohibited to send traffic from a Source, which is prohibited for use under the conditions of the selected Program.

4.4 The webmaster must make sure that third-party java scripts do not change the operation of the Affiliate Network Flows.

4.5 The Administration of the Affiliate Network has the right to allow Sources that do not meet the above conditions to participate, as well as reject Sources that meet all of the above conditions without giving reasons.

5. The rights and obligations of the Webmaster

5.1 The webmaster is obliged to strictly abide by These Regulations, as well as to ensure that the data that they transmitted to cpa.house in any way, including through the registration form, is complete and true. If any of these data are changed, the Webmaster is obliged to change them in their personal account within 5 days from the date of change.

5.2 The Webmaster undertakes to strictly save their data (login and password) for access to the cpa.house partner network and not allow them to fall into third hands. The Webmaster is solely responsible for the safety of the username and password.

5.3 The Webmaster guarantees that they have the necessary rights to conduct marketing activities on the advertising sites declared by them. They bear any legal and property responsibility for what is happening on their advertising sites.

5.4 When using advertising media on its site, the Webmaster undertakes not to violate the rights of third rightsholders to the mark, trademark, brand, personal rights and other rights without the permission of the rightsholders in accordance with applicable law. The Webmaster undertakes not to use content on its advertising platform that violates applicable laws, or leads to pages that violate applicable laws. When sending advertising materials containing advertisers' advertising means by e-mail, the Webmaster is prohibited from using unsolicited mailing (spam). To send advertisements by email, the Webmaster must have consent from each recipient and, upon request, provide cpa.house with evidence of this.

5.5 The Webmaster undertakes not to take any action that affects the operation of the cpa.house affiliate network. Such actions are understood as attempts to technically influence the performance of the partner network's servers, attempts to hack defense mechanisms, use viruses, Trojans, and other malicious programs for any purpose. Use brute force attacks, DoS (DdoS) attacks, spam, link usage and any other processes that could damage the affiliate network.

5.6 The Webmaster undertakes to study and comply with the terms of the programs in detail and refer to their terms throughout the entire period of placement of advertising materials. The Webmaster agrees that failure to comply with this obligation may result in the suspension of access for the Webmaster to the corresponding program, while losses incurred by cpa.house or the Advertiser in case of violation of the terms of the programs will be debited from the Webmaster's balance. In the absence of funds on the balance of the Webmaster, the webmaster undertakes to compensate such losses at the request of cpa.house within 10 days.

5.7 The Webmaster, at the request of cpa.house or the Advertiser, undertakes to check the Traffic Source and provide all requested files, documents, etc., otherwise the Webmaster's access to the corresponding program may be blocked and appropriate sanctions applied.

5.8 The webmaster is prohibited from using advertising materials and a trademark, other than the trademark and advertising materials that are posted by the Advertiser in the cpa.house system, when creating any advertising materials, unless otherwise specified. In the case of production of advertising materials by the Webmaster, as well as Webmaster's distortion of advertising materials provided by the Advertiser, the Webmaster is fully responsible for the placement of these advertising materials as an advertising distributor and advertiser in accordance with applicable law and undertakes to independently settle all arising claims, disputes, including legal ones, to settle all other disputes, including with government agencies and third parties (Advertisers).

5.9 The Webmaster undertakes to provide cpa.house with any requested documents necessary to confirm the data about the Webmaster.

5.10 The Webmaster is notified and agrees that cpa.house has the right to pay the Webmaster their commission only after the Advertiser has paid for the services rendered and after the funds have been credited to the cpa.house current account from the Advertiser.

5.11 The Webmaster undertakes to study These Regulations and periodically monitor changes in the conditions and text information of These Regulations. The administration has the right to change the text, supplement These Regulations without prior notice to the Webmaster.

6. Participation in the referral program

6.1. The Webmaster has the ability to invite users to the affiliate network who were not previously registered in cpa.house as Webmasters for a fee. Such users are called Referrals of a particular Webmaster.

6.2. Referrals are invited to the affiliate network using a referral link, which can be obtained in the “Referrals” section on the Home page in the Webmaster's personal account.

6.3. For invited Referrals, the Webmaster is charged a fee calculated as a percentage of the income of the affiliate network from the amount that the Webmaster's Referrals have withdrawn.

6.4. The amount of remuneration for the current month and the rate in percentage are indicated in the personal account of the Webmaster in the section “Referrals”.

6.5. When working on the Referral Program, it is prohibited:

- Use illegal ways to attract Referrals or any other artificial increase in the number of Referrals.

- Mislead Referrals, give false information about the affiliate network.

- Send spam mailings or mailings on behalf of cpa.house employees via email, instant messengers and in any other way.

- Register accounts belonging to the Webmaster using the Webmaster's own referral link.

6.6. In case of violation of the above-mentioned points of These Rules or unfair use of the Referral Program, cpa.house has the right, without giving reasons to:

- Disconnect the Webmaster from the Referral program.

- Disconnect the Referral / s from the Webmaster

- Do not deduct income to the Webmaster from the Referral / s attracted by him

- Block the Webmaster's account in the partner network.

6.7. cpa.house has the right to check the Webmasters for violation of paragraph 6.5., as well as for the unfair use of the Referral Program.

7. Confidentiality

7.1. Each party undertakes to use Confidential Information only to fulfill its rights and obligations under these Regulations. The Parties undertake not to disclose Confidential Information.

7.2. Information that would not be considered Confidential Information:

- Which is or has subsequently become publicly available without violating the Receiving Party of this Agreement.

- Which is legally obtained from a Third Party without limitation and without violation of this Agreement, as well as without obligations of the Receiving Party for non-disclosure.

- Which cannot be classified as Confidential Information in accordance with applicable law.

- Which is published in the cpa.house system when receiving or providing services in accordance with these Regulations.

8. Rights to use information

8.1. The information obtained in the course of participation in the partner network cpa.house is allowed to be used exclusively within the framework of the partner network. Transfer to third parties and use for other purposes is prohibited.

8.2. The cpa.house partner network and its components (products and applications) are protected by applicable laws in the field of copyright and related rights.

8.3. Cpa.house grants Webmasters a temporary, non-exclusive right to use the services and applications provided and the data they contain solely as part of the cpa.house partner network.

8.4. Other uses of the information are prohibited. The webmaster is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to transfer the rights granted to him to use services, applications and data to third parties in whole or in part, provide access to them, modify or process in any other way, transfer in other forms or create from them their own databases or information services.

8.5. In case of violation of these rights of use, cpa.house reserves the right to use, in addition to terminating the contract, other legal means. If administrative or other legal liability is instituted against cpa.house due to violations by the Webmaster of these Regulations by a third party, then all costs of the process and other expenses arising from this are fully withheld from the guilty Webmaster.

9. Responsibility and Limitations of Responsibility

9.1 The Administration is not responsible for the actions of the Webmasters that resulted in violation of the rights of third parties.

9.2 The Administration is not responsible for the content of information posted by Webmasters and / or Advertisers.

9.3 The administration has the right not to respond to requests, appeals and letters that do not contain the requisites of the applicant (full name, contact details).

9.4 The Administration is not responsible for the registration data that was indicated by the Webmaster and / or the Advertiser when interacting with the information field of the site.

9.5 The Administration is not responsible for the content of information posted by Users in the process of creating an Offer, attracting traffic to Offers.

9.6 The Administration is not responsible for the content of the reviews of the Site Users. Reviews of the Site Users are the subjective opinions of their authors, in no way pretending to be objective. They may not coincide with public opinion and not correspond with reality.

9.7 The webmaster uses for promotion only those methods that do not contradict and do not violate this User Agreement and the norms of the current legislation of Russia.

9.7.1. If the Webmaster is caught in the actions mentioned in paragraph 9.7., The Administration completely disclaims its responsibility.

9.8. cpa.house is not responsible for damage or interference caused by the content of third parties' web pages, errors in the software or hardware of the partners of the partner network, as well as for damage caused by insufficient availability or limited functionality of the Internet.

9.9 All questions regarding the organization of the return of the subject of the Offer, refund of the cost, compensation of associated costs, are resolved between the Client and the relevant Advertiser.

9.10 The Administration is not responsible and does not guarantee the performance of the Affiliate Network at any time, including during periods of downtime associated with the following provisions:

9.10.1 Violations associated with the transmission of data in arbitrary segments of the Internet.

9.10.2 Equipment malfunctions carried out by the User, the Affiliate Network or third parties related to the activities of cpa.house.

9.10.3 Work related to routine maintenance.

9.10.4 Circumstances that are beyond the control of the Affiliate Network Administration.

10. Procedure for the settlement of disputes

10.1 In case if the information posted on the Site contains the results of intellectual property belonging to third parties, the copyright holder is obliged to:

10.1.1 Make a claim indicating the factual and regulatory grounds that enable the Administration to remove information from public access.

10.1.2 Attach proof of the originality of the intellectual property result to the claim (original copy, other documents confirming the ownership of the copyright object)..

10.1.3 Send the package of documents mentioned in the provisions of clauses 10.1.1., 10.1.2. of this Agreement, to the administration's email address: mail@cpa.house

10.2 The Administration is not obliged to facilitate the search for persons whose actions have violated the rights, freedoms and interests of Webmasters.

10.3 The Administration is not the beneficiary in transactions between the Webmasters and Advertisers, is not responsible, and is not obliged to assist the Webmasters in organizing the proceedings and has the right not to respond to requests from the Webmasters to its address, due to the specified circumstances.

These Regulations are valid in the latest edition, regardless of the version in which they were accepted by the Webmaster and / or the Advertiser upon registration.

The administration has the right to change the text of these regulations at any time without prior notice to the Webmaster / Advertiser.