Case Study: Thailand push traffic brings a newbie +74.87% ROI!
Case Study: Thailand push traffic brings a newbie +74.87% ROI!

Attention! This case study was written by one of the Push House advertisers. The point of view described in the case study is his opinion and may differ from the point of view of the company.

Affiliate network: CPA.House

Traffic source: Push.House

Advertising format: Push

Offer: Adult Video Player (TH)

Country: Thailand

Period: 8/4/2021 - 20/4/2021

Cost: $ 259.78

Income: $ 436.80

ROI: + 74.87%

Hello everybody!

I also decided to write a case, because I can't help but share my FIRST success. I recently joined affiliate marketing and already got some results!

 I will say right away that my budget wasn’t huge, which means I worked without trackers, without custom-made creatives and without long tests.

 Having studied what options in this situation I can count on, I chose push notifications. As a result, I received an excellent recommendation from one guy in the affiliate marketing telegram chat, for which I thank him! The recommendation was to try Push.House. I read the reviews and found that Push.House is not the only project of its creators, they also have their own affiliate network, as well as their own spy service - I didn't even know that it was possible, I always suffered with creatives. I decided that I would make money here, everything suited me))!

  I registered at Push.House and CPA.House. I asked managers some questions, they have their own telegram chats. It's time to choose an offer. This is always the hardest part of the job for me. I searched the top offers, looked at several ones good numbers, but was afraid to work with them. I decided to see something of the new ones. My choice fell on Adult Video Player (TH) because the offer was new, for a good GEO (I looked in Push.House, there is a lot of traffic and its only $0.002) with very easy conversion. In my opinion, such offers convert the best on push notifications.

 Since there is a whole corporation here, then I went to look for the creatives in their spy service. It is free and  I was useful for me, especially since the level of my personal creativity is close to zero. I selected several at once, tormented my acquaintances with a question - "what do you think?"  and chose this:


At launch, I set the minimum price to check the traffic. In general, I did not change anything. The only thing is that I set a daily limit of $ 10 so as not to lose too much. Otherwise, the settings are very straight forward:

Device: Mobile

Price: 0.002

Country: Thailand

City: All

Subscription segment: All

Schedule: around the clock

Daily limit: $ 10

I left these settings and decided to wait. The next day I received this statistics:


Naturally, as you know, I was a long way from optimization, but still, I was glad that I my campaign got me some benefits from the very beginning, so the worries about the loss ease up on me a bit.

Quite often, I see,  in chats, the advice to use blacklists, but they were out of the question at this point. The ROI percentage was pleasing, everything looked good. I decided that by raising the rate a little, I could get better results. Therefore, the rate has now risen to $ 0.004. Since the lead came out to me in about 52 clicks, the cost of the cost for it was 10 cents, I decided that by doubling the bid, I could buy out more traffic and thus get more conversions. The next day, conversion rates and ROI dropped. At first, I did not understand why this happened and how my strategy, instead of bringing me more profit, brought me closer to a loss.

For help, of course, I went to the chat and to the managers. They explained that getting more traffic does not mean that I will get more audience interested in my offer, and the only way out is to wait and optimize. But it turned out, now I had to wait even longer, since now my traffic is distributed to a larger number of sites.

I waited a week. I anticipated a loss during this week but i never did, the conversions only sagged a lot. Now I was ready to start blacklisting. What helped me, was that the conversion price wasn’t big, so I didn't have to spend a lot of the budget on each site.


Yet, for me as a beginner, this is a success, I don't know about you. I think the numbers are satisfactory, especially considering that I didn't work hard.

Having compiled my cherished black list, I decided to scale. I withdrawn money from CPA.House to Push.House and enabled feeds. Now I decided also slowly start to try other formats. A small piece of advice from my experience - if it goes well in one format, it is not a fact that it will be the same in another. 

Most likely I will turn off the rest of the formats because I have not achieved success.

The statistics of the second week made me very happy, I turned out to accumulate some good benefits, and now I think to look for other offers and gradually increase my turnover. I don't know where to go yet, I want to try other GEOs, other formats etc.

I will not give up this offer, I think it will bring me money for a while. Furthermore, I noticed that at the end of the second week, the clicks weren’t as they were before. I got advised to change the creative. Now I have already made the new creative myself, smeared it in Photoshop, I want to do everything myself. If anything, there is always a place where I can peek for more inspiration.


My approach was simple, nothing super creative and the optimization, in fact, is also so-so. But, to be honest, guys, at the same time I was very pleased with the result. There were no hopes of getting rich, I was ready to lose my money, maybe that's why I'm happy after all.

Something like this. No skills, no big budget and no fuss, but still profit! Try!

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