Guide: What affects your Approval Rate?
Guide: What affects your Approval Rate?

Approval rate is undoubtedly one of the most important factors in affiliate marketing. It keeps marketers awake at night, constantly checking and optimizing their campaigns. When the approval rate is low, many start to scold the call centers and the quality of the calls, but these are not the only factors affecting the approve.

Yes, you have probably heard the stories that call centers "went into an alcohol binge" and so on.  I will not debate how much of this is true, let's better look at all the other factors that affect the approval rate and how to change them so that the overall aprove would improve.


Traffic source is an ad network, social network, or any other site from which traffic to your offer comes from. And if you are trying to promote a  joint remedy at an adult source where traffic comes from porn sites, do not expect high approve or even CTR.

Keep in mind that in all networks, traffic differs in both quality and volume. Also, each GEO in each source performs differently, and this greatly affects the quality and amount of traffic, and thus the approval rate.

To improve your chances, always talk to the ad network managers, ask all your questions. Ask about the volume of traffic to the GEO you need, ask about the quality, ask for advice. We do not recommend going blindly to a new GEO on a new network, even to experienced affiliates, in order to avoid losing your money.

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The source is of course important, but one should not forget about the format. There are a lot of ad formats, each with its own pros and cons. Each ad format interacts differently with users, so the approval is different everywhere. There are no bad or good formats, there is a poorly chosen vertical  for the chosen advertising format. Think about potential traffic, how it will interact with it. Is your ad interesting to your traffic? Social traffic network is different from PopUnder traffic and people here and there are different. Ask yourself, "have I chosen the right format for my vertical?"

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Advertising time plays a very significant role, either by improving or worsening your approval rate. For example, driving traffic to dating in the morning is worse than in the evening, as statistics say that more than half of dating users register between 19:00 and 21:00. For the best approval, google when is the best time to serve ads to your target audience.

Also, the times of holidays, vacations or weekends have a direct impact on the approval rate. Most often, on the eve of Black Friday, 8th March, New Year, sales increase significantly, and the approval becomes higher.

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There are many ways to improve your CTR. You can write a cool text, misleading users and improve the click-through rate. Will it improve your approval? Unlikely. On the contrary, the user will quickly close the page if the landing page does not have what was on your creative. Don't try to increase your CTR and worsening you Approval Rate. The creative should be catchy, it should be interesting, but at the same time, it should correspond to your offer. You can design the text creatively without promises, something that your offer cannot give. When creating your ad, think not only about the CTR, but also about the fact that you need the user to stay on the landing, and not leave it, feeling that they are being deceived. If you are not sure, contact your manager in the affiliate program, they will advise you on which text is better to use.


Since prelanders and landing pages are used to warm up the user in order to improve the chance of conversion, a bad landing page or landings can cause conversion and landings, it is not convincing that they need the offer, they just leave. Conduct split tests for different landings and landings, and soon you will understand what works best for your audience.


- The approval rate is influenced by a lot of factors and in order to improve it, you need to think through each of them.

- Always contact your manager, both in the advertising network and in the affiliate program. Going blind means wasting money.

- The main guarantee of high approval rate is a thoughtful approach to an advertising campaign.

- Tests are important!. Test creatives, landing pages, landing pages and their combinations.

- Look for the traffic source that suits you for a better interaction with your advertising.

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